Cellular / Box Kites

Everyone knows the basic box kites, but developments from them, known as cellular kites, come in a range of fascinating designs and in many sizes. Our on-line kite store has a great selection to suit every taste. 

Most are quite easy to fly, although assembly can be more complex than with, say, a delta or diamond kite. Then again, there are some that require no assembly, but simply open up and spring into readiness to fly.  There's something here for everyone!

Box kites are great for the beach, doing well in the strong winds that often overpower other kites, but will fly anywhere there is a good breeze.  Look for the novelty ones that spin in the air, like the Roto kite and the incredible Flip rotor kite, which amazes everyone who sees it.

Finding it hard to choose?  Email or call us for help in making your decision.